Study shows nicotine spray helping smokers quit

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Smokers have discovered an innovative new mouth spray which is helping them kick the habit.

It’s part of an Otago University study to test the effectiveness of taking nicotine mouth spray, together with patches. The spray kills a smoker’s craving for a cigarette.

The study, based in Christchurch and Wellington, is aimed at testing the effectiveness of using patches which release a small continuous dose of nicotine, together with the mouth spray. It reduces cravings within minutes.

Those behind the study say it’s so far proven very successful – half of the smokers involved gave up within three months. That rises to 65 percent at six months. Some giving up have only been having a placebo, because only half taking part are getting the active spray.

The organizers are looking for more people to take part. They don’t know yet when the spray will be on the market.