Nutrition for your teeth

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Holistic dentistry works on the belief that the body is more interdependent than it seems and that the teeth and gums have a big role to play in it. They actually suggest modifications and additions in your diet to help teeth get stronger and invariably help your body too.
You must make sure that you have a wholesome diet that included proteins, minerals, vitamins and other essential good groups for a strong body and whiter and sparkling teeth. Here is a list of foods you should include in your diet for nutritious teeth.

Herbal Tea: The key to healthy teeth and gums is killing harmful bacteria and sipping on herbal tea can do just that. Green tea or herbal tea has catechins that is an anti oxidant and kills germs in your mouth as well and also help with bad breath. It is also a great source of fluoride.

Onions: They may not do much for your breath but they help to keep your blood pure and kill germs in your mouth and teeth with their sulphur elements.

Cheese, Milk, Yoghurt: Cheese may not be something that a dietician prescribes but it certainly helps to keep you teeth shiny and white. Milk and yoghurt are rich in calcium, and helps keep teeth strong. It also regulates the ph balance of teeth.

Celery: This is recommended by many holistic dentists. Celery helps secret excess saliva that gets rid of the bacteria Streptococcus that erode the teeth and cause cavities. It also massages the gums and makes them healthier.

Oranges and other citrus fruits: High in vitamin C, oranges and fresh mushrooms provide the body with essential vitamins it needs to stronger and healthier.

Sesame seeds: Sesame seeds actually help take off plaque take causes cavities and other infections. The also look after the bone surrounding the t0eeth and gums.
Water is the remedy for everything. Consuming water cleanses your mouth and keeps your gums moist and hydrated. Try and avoid aerated drinks and dry fruits. They are full of sugar which is detrimental to oral hygiene contributing to tooth decays.