Dental Information Institute

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Aiming at acquiring and disseminating scientific, cultural and social information about oral and the dental healthcare to Dentistry Group, people and the related sectors, Dental Information Institute (Dentii) has been established in 2000. This institute put improvement of scientific level of Dentistry Group and people high on its agenda by benefiting from all the existing facilities in Iran and all over the world while believing in that by providing the possibility for the dentists of this country to use all the existing specialized information on the internet Dentii seeks access to the given knowledge, These methods are Learning- oriented. By means of this technique, this institute has taken a great stride toward survival and growth of dentistry sciences in parallel with its improvement throughout the world and at age of information so these techniques are Learning- oriented.

Furthermore, increasing people’s knowledge about oral and dental healthcare is very crucial and it has been recommended all over the world. The present century is era of Information so in order to live at this period; one should prepare ground further based on knowledge. As the first information comprehensive bank about dentistry, Dentii hopes that dentists and people support this great knowledge- based movement by their own guidance and cooperation.


Daily advancement in sciences and the speed of the changes resulted from this advancement is the main factor for reliance of scientific community on internet facilities. Enjoying trend of this boosting movement within the shortest possible time by users and time correspondence to scientific growth and activity have drawn more than ever attention of all scholars toward exploiting electronic services. To meet requirements and being accountable to many scientific questions and desires is a clear point in communication sector and attraction of searching motives and questioning spirit. In this course, all scientific and cultural sectors try to fulfill main and technical aims in some way and to possess a position to meet this need and computer growth and to provide learning course for dentists and information applicants for oral- dental healthcare in addition to introducing themselves. At the same time, this institute is an unlimited center for meeting Iranian dentists from other countries. Gathering and assessment of dental various website on internet and their online information as well as dentists’ cultural and scientific requirements inside the country and giving answers to people’s questions about dentistry is one of the plans of this institute.


Daily scientific advancements in all areas and fields have provided promotion of in quality and quantity of services. To reflect these advancements appropriately and properly by means of service providers’ approaches and service takers’ as well is the foremost communication cornerstone among both of these subjects and oral- dental healthcare is an element of public health and determinant in Quality of Life; it is a measure which can be realized better by activity in this institute. Currently, Dentii is performing with more than 3000 members and through active cooperation with dentistry faculties and societies in Iran and the world with respect to people’s need. These in charge of this institute believe that the institute can provide a constructive interaction for leaving an impact on index of oral- dental healthcare in Iran by proper scientific and technical promotion in dentistry science.

Target Groups:

1- Major Target Groups:

a) Dentistry Group includes General Dentists, specialists, oral and dental practitioners, dentist nurses, dental prosthesis technicians and the related students to each of mentioned disciplines.

b) General public, with respect to this fact that all people refer for dental treatment several times during their life. For this reason, regardless of dental therapy and aiming at improvement of knowledge of oral- dental healthcare and even post- treatment measures have been divided into sub- branches of patients, children, older people, high- risk groups, vulnerable groups and others.

2- Minor Target Group:

a) Educational centers like universities in order to be introduced and/or familiarized with short- term educational programs and retraining courses

b) Medical centers including clinical center, hospital and clinic (therapy) units

c) Manufacturing companies of dental products and instruments

d) Importer and distributer companies of dental material s and products

e) Banks, insurance companies, dentistry related organizations

Preferred field of activity concerning upgrading scientific knowledge of Dentistry Group

1- Practical and scientific training of dentistry group about the related sciences

2- The related rules, regulations, procedures, bylaws and directives regarding dentistry

3- To offer electronic consultation about dentistry training fields

4- Virtual training (E-Learning) via the given website aiming at applied science

5- Cooperation in publication of scientific articles in Iranian and international research and educational journals

6- To establish dentists’ research club and introducing studied plans

7- To provide an opportunity for providing articles in domestic and foreign congresses

8- The related scientific and research news and reports to science of dentistry

9- To introduce domestic and foreign manufacturers, importers and exporters of dental materials and products

10- To report the state of new dental products in world market and their technological news

11- To introduce dental domestic and foreign books, periodicals and journals and way of their preparation and/ or order

12- To provide abstract of articles in domestic and foreign periodicals by implication of source as scientific news

13- To hold the related conference, congress and exhibitions on dentistry science

14- To publish the related ads to meet dentistry group’s need(s), particularly in welfare fields

15- To introduce domestic and foreign exhibitions, conferences and seminars

16- To introduce dentistry related websites

17- To introduce dentistry university inside the country and abroad

18- Membership in international dentistry associations and unions

19- To introduce recreational and training dentistry tours

20- To improve knowledge about post- treatment cares for dental patients

21- Guild plebiscite on the dentistry group related affairs in order to codify or offer plan

Preferred fields of activity to oral and dental healthcare in people and patients:

1- Oral and dental healthcare and fluoride

2- Diet, nutrition and oral and dental healthcare

3- Tobacco (smoking) and oral and dental healthcare

4- Oral and dental healthcare of youth and teens aiming at its improvement

5- Oral and dental healthcare among older people aiming at its maintenance

6- Oral and dental general health and Quality of Life

7- Oral and dental healthcare systems for managers and social planners

8- AID/ HIV and oral and dental healthcare

9- Oral and dental healthcare information systems

10- Applied research and studies on oral and dental healthcare based on dentistry social approach

11- Dental post- treatment cares

12- Dentistry for high- risky patients as an inseparable principle

Strategies and policies in the field of community- oriented dentistry:

- To conduct research and study on oral and dental healthcare and survey on the related diseases

- Reduction of mortalities and disabilities due to oral, craniofacial and dental diseases

- Priority- based Improvement in sustainable policies and plans according to systemic revisions on the optimal performances in dentistry social field

- Development of economic and accessible healthcare systems relating to oral and dental healthcare

- Integration of oral and dental healthcare and upgrading the related cares with other effective sectors in public health

- Development of the oral and dental healthcare related plans which will enable individuals in control of health effective factors

- Holding Persian Gulf Annual Award with the aim of Intellectual Improvement with respect to the community- oriented dentistry

- To upgrade ethical performances of dental health care providers

- To reduce difference among socio- economic various classes aiming at fulfillment of an identical index

- Planning for increase in number of providers of oral and dental health cares

- Improvement of scientific link between dentistry and other medical sciences with respect to oral and dental healthcare in other medical disciplines

- Health economy and effect of oral and dental health on this index

- Assessment and computation of health indices in oral and dental field

Persian Gulf Smile Award:

In the course of contribution to proper establishment of community- oriented dentistry and in support of Iranian dentists’ services and efforts, annual granting of this award has been planned and it is conferred to one of the active elements in the field of community- oriented dentistry with following qualifications:

- Sharing social plans

- Writing book, pamphlet in elementary and secondary grades of school in cooperation with Ministry of Education

- Cooperation with charity associations and organizations and NGOs in the field of oral and dental healthcare

- Establishment of specific dentistry centers for high- risk patients, the handicapped and the mentally retarded patients

- Cooperation with dentistry centers specified for disabled and mentally retarded patients

- Investment, contributions in cash and in kind to charity associations in dentistry field

- To provide 10 papers about preventive dentistry during 5 recent years

- Activity and presence in villages and suggesting plans for upgrading the oral and dental healthcare level

Deadline for sending the given proof and activity is March 21th day (beginning of Iranian calendar year) through February 19th of the same year. After evaluation of the sent documents by Jury annual committee, this award is granted to the elected laureate on March 7th of the given year.

Benevolence Foundation

This unit has been planned considering of the following objective:

- To draw attention of public bodies and different national and international community’s toward problems and difficulties in oral and dental healthcare filed

- Relationship and cooperation with supporting scientific- guild association in the oral and dental healthcare field inside the country and abroad

- To absorb governmental and public monetary and non- monetary contributions inside the country and abroad

- To support execution of the related research and study plans

- To propose an appropriate solution to prevent and treat mouth and lip cancer and clefts in mouth, lip and palate

- To assist in equipping dentistry center inside the country, especially in underprivileged areas

- Social relief work and support for poor patients in therapy and giving dental healthcare services

- Financial and medical support for cleft- lip & palate patients

- To grant scholarship (bursary) aiming at increasing the possibility of establishment of oral and dental healthcare Outlook Plan that is considered as the essential and general element in human’s performance and Quality of Life

Dentistry Website: One year after official activity of this institute (2001), Dentii website was launched as the first and most comprehensive communication source of dentistry. Since that time, main view and contents of this site were modified 3 times. This website is the greatest and foremost focus of realization of plans and objectives of this institute.

The existing view of this site (Address: www.dentii.info) includes the latest update of the main space and its existing information. Dentii.info site includes the main following parts:

1- Scientific daily news of Dentistry Group

2- General information for teeth health

3- Promotion and communication on the market

4- Plan of scientific, educational and exhibition seminars inside the country and abroad

5- list of express and exclusive members

6- Dentistry Club

7- Benevolence Foundation

8- Registration and membership

9- Introduction and ordering textbooks and educational articles and pamphlets

10- Friendship Assembly of Iranian dentists and Iranian nationals

11- Virtual and applied learning

Each of applicants may visit all parts of this website easily and based on their requirement and print the information therein. In order to organize electronic communication network, it is better for visitors to enter their information in membership menu to upload the latest information for them simultaneously to list it on site for members after recording their email address there.Express and exclusive members should have access to special menu of scientific and educational materials and registration services for congresses, conferences and other special services.

Website Management

Since the beginning of 2011, Scientific and Educational Supervision and Planning Council of this institute will start its activity in the presence of a group of experienced and interested scientific experts and academic professors in order to manage their educational and research materials scientifically. On Home Page of this website, names and backgrounds of Council members will be reflected.

How to use website:

1- Dentists: By reference to this site, they can read scientific materials, news, promotion and educational programs there; by entering into the exclusive menu, express members receive further and more perfect information and even they can print it while the express member may order articles free of charge. Moreover, it is possible to introduce dental clinical services for express members in learning menu of dental patients.

2- Oral and dental practitioners/ Dental prosthesis Technicians: By reference to the given website, they may receive scientific and educational articles and the related news and register in ordinary menu if they like.

3- Dentistry Group Students: They may benefit from the available topics by reference to the given website while they can cooperate further in menu of Researchers’ Club.

4- Researchers in Dentistry Field: They may post their articles and studies on this website for the benefit of visitors. Dentii will try to print these subjects in reliable dentistry journals as well. Additionally, they may provide their research plans to share in this club.

5- Patients and Private People: They will increase their knowledge for maintenance and improvement of oral and dental healthcare and/ or dental post- treatment cares by referring to menu of General Information and at the same time they will be acquainted with the related products to oral and dental healthcare in Market menu. Of other capabilities of this menu is familiarity with therapeutic abilities of express members.

6- Manufacturing and distributing companies of dental materials and products: They will post goods ads, description about capacities and facilities of product on site pages and market menu so that visitors may select their own products there and purchase them through electronic banking credit cards.

7- Insurance companies, banks, and the related public services: By introducing themselves on this site, they encourage visitors to use their services.

Virtual Training (E-Learning)

At this menu, with applied contents this menu has also been drawn up aiming at enabling dentistry group scientifically and practically where each user may upgrade his/ her knowledge at any hour round the clock and from everywhere by means of his/ her certain password and will succeed to take certificate after attending in and passing the defined exams by this center.

Dentists’ Friendship Assembly:

This unit is a new center on the institute agenda in the future so that in this unit, it has been tried anyway, by presence and introducing of Iranian dentists and dentists with Iranian nationality in other countries in Dentii website, to establish scientific and occupational relationship for creation of scientific and educational friendship between dentists and enjoying their capabilities together and within a global link.

Initiator and founder:

Dentii has been registered under no 167 in Sari City in 2000. This institute acts in Private Sector. The main objective in this institute has been to acquire, gather and distribute scientific, cultural and economic information relating to dentistry. Dr. Abdolreza Maadi is the founder of this institute. He was born in Tehran in 1968 and he succeeded to receive Doctorate degree in Dentistry from Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences in 1991. Executive and administrative activity in State Administrative System arena and making effort in medical sector have been his main motives to establish this institute.

Address (Head Office of Dentii): Aftab Bldg., Nehzat Ave., Sari; Phone no: +989127261572


The main operational resources for these plans are provided by financial and personal facilities and properties of institute founder. Moreover, some other methods to meet some part of costs for maintenance and improvement of this institute are as follows:

1- Membership fee of dentistry groups for enjoying exclusive services sector

2- To receive ads from dentistry enterprises and other related corporation s

3- To absorb contribution and gifts from donors, especially in unit of Benevolence Foundation

4- Holding of learning plans and participation in collective fairs and plans

5- Financial supports from donors for development and introducing oral and dental healthcare

6- Selling of books, brochures, pamphlets and essays relating to oral and dental healthcare and learning of dentistry

7- E-Learning


- Individuals should be encouraged to achieve oral and dental health as possible.

- Oral and dental healthcare should be provided through social care.

- Oral and dental healthcare providers shall be encouraged toward paying attention to public health and contribute public healthcares.

- Dental therapy providers shall substitute quantity by quality through enhancement of their information and knowledge about patients.

- A network of dentists in order to make effort by a comprehensive relationship in the field of oral and dental healthcare and upgrading dentistry knowledge

At the beginning of second decade:

Since the start of 2011 which coincided with the beginning of 11th year of institute activity and tenth year of website setup, all learning services are given without using paper so information may be accessible through electronic means and use of this website is possible without application of paper.

Phone no: +9821- 22050945; Cell no: +989127261572.