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Dr Alireza Torabi

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Dr Alireza Torabi has earned his dental degree in 2003 from the University of Tehran, and completed his post graduate studies in periodontology and implantology with emphasis on advance surgical techniques. After receiving his specialty, fellowship and diplomat he was appointed as a director of Implantology and osseointegration clinic and course. He was in charge of curriculum committee as well as the entire clinic.

Dr Torabi was also appointed to the advisory committee of ITI a division of Straumann USA in Iran, with his extensive research and experience he was able innovate new surgical techniques that would result in less post operative pain and discomfort and a faster healing period.

Dr Torabis surgical experience includes placement of thousands of dental implants, sinus floor elevation, ridge split and bone grafts for many cases, he was also the only surgeon that safely removed a periapical cyst that had cause damages to the cortical bone that housed the Inferior Alveolar Nerve.

He is one of the few specialist that have lectured nationally and internationally about topics that are related to osseointegration and Implantology, his new surgical techniques have been received well by all dental care providers that are familiar with it and it is gradually changing the steps in the surgical techniques that are involved in placement of dental implants.

Dr Torabis last academic position in Iran was being part of the university Committee overseeing the dental implant treatment in Iran. He has presented his research outcome in lectures, workshops, and presentation in Iran, France, Germany, and The United States.

Dr Torabi has completed over 800 hours of continuing dental education in osseointegration and Implantlogy, He is currently completing his fellowship courses in advance surgical techniques in US.

He is providing lecture series and research for an ADA CERP approved program provider and finalizing his surgical technique which will facilitate implant surgery for patients which will reduce post-operative complications and medication use.

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