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Becoming a dii member:

With its global presence, Dental Information Institute (dii) is a unique network of professionals involved in dentistry and related tissue regeneration.


· Receive comprehensive education programs

· Invitation to dental congress and seminar

· Representation at dental expos in the world

· Assistance with the publication of research papers

· Access to the world’s leading university dental programs

· 30 percent discount at all dii events

· free dii newsletter

· free dii scientific publication presented quarterly

· 2 percent discount for dentistry tours managed by dii

· unlimited downloads of latest dentistry articles from dii website

· Your personal e-mail address at dentii.info with secure access

· Receive dentistry news by e-mail before your industry peers

· Buy patient information cards at half price

· Receive dii’s Exclusive Membership Plaque

How to join dii ?

Visit www.dentii.info and complete the online application form

Membership is open to all dental professionals

We welcome dental nurses registered with the medical council

The annual membership fee is currently 599000 Rials.

Receive your 33% Discount prior to July 1, 2010

Bank account no.  23681013926651 Pasargad Bank - Ferdowsi Branch of Tehran.

For information call  021-22663626 or send your e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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