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Study focuses on children with dental fear

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children and adolescents with severe dental fear often come from families with a turbulent background.The research,carried out at Sweden,found it was also more common for these had councelling contact with a psychologist.


Tooth Sensitivity and Pain

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What triggers tooth sensitivity and pain?

Tooth sensitivity and pain is caused by exposed “dentin” – the inner substance of the tooth - which is covered by the enamel. Usually the pain is felt more sharply when drinking or eating something cold or hot, like ice cream, chilled drinks, soup, coffee or tea. This condition can be extremely uncomfortable. If teeth are not regularly flossed or brushed, at least twice a day, the enamel can otherwise become quite thin, especially where the tooth meets the root at the gum line. The root is covered by a bonelike connective tissue called “cementum”, which assists in the tooth support, and is easily worn away. Dentin contains little tunnels (tubules) that link to the nerves on the inside of the tooth. When the dentin is exposed, the nerves are easily stimulated resulting in sensitivity and pain.

موسسه اطلاع رسانی دندانپزشکی

Desensitizing agents such as Sensodyne are efficient in blocking off the tunnels or tubules so that the nerves don’t get stimulated thereby lessening the sensitivity. The product is best used by gently massaging it on the affected area of the tooth to calm and soothe the nerve. It may take several weeks before the desired effect is reached.

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